3D-cinema will be opened in Zelwa on June 1

The first film show in Zelwa will take place on June 1 – the opening of the 3D cinema will coincide with the International Children’s Day.

After the reorganization of the cinema in 2011, residents of the urban village, in order to enjoy only the released movie premieres, had to travel to neighboring cities – Volkovysk or Slonim. But everything, fortunately film lovers, is changing. Very soon the cinema in the building of the former CEC “Feerie” will open its doors for the first visitors.

Let’s run through the technical parameters of the 3D cinema.

– Here is installed one of the most quoted equipments in the country. Such projectors are in almost every regional center, say the Cinema Next Bel setup men, who have been installing cinema equipment for over ten years. – The projector belongs to the Belgian brand Barco. By the way, this is one of the rare firms whose products are not yet manufactured in China. Projector resolution – 2K. At the moment, most films are released in this resolution. As for the screen, it belongs to the French manufacturer Harkness. Height – 3.3 m, length – 7.3 m. In fact, this is a standard aspect ratio for a digital cinema. The screen has a silver surface, thanks to which the 3D system works. 2D – default (normal format) – also available. The sound system is represented by Dolby Surround (born surround – surround) – this is a seven-channel stereo system that allows you to achieve the so-called effect of presence. True, the sound quality will primarily depend on how well the audio tracks are recorded in the film.

Cinema is designed for 56 seats. Moreover, the seats are divided into three sectors, depending on comfort. Not only ordinary chairs will be installed, but also recliners (you can take the reclining position), they will also equip something like a vip-zone with four two-seater sofas and coffee tables standing next to them.

– The poster is diversified by exactly the same premieres as in the cinemas of Minsk and Grodno,” said Galina Romanchuk, head of the ideological work, culture and youth affairs department of the district executive committee. – So far, the cost of tickets will vary from 2 to 7 rubles. Daily – 3 film shows. Films are designed for both adults and children. Among the first shows – “The Avengers. Finals ”,“ People X ”,“ The Secret Life of Pets ”and other premieres. We invite!

In addition to the 3D cinema in the “Extravaganza” will be a cafe. Snacks and desserts, bar, cozy tables, unobtrusive music – all this is very soon! The cafe can be rented for family holidays, and the cinema hall – for joint viewing by the entire workforce (organizations will be able to enter into contracts).

Larisa Klimut:

– A few decades ago, the cinema was for local people almost the main place for evening entertainment. Especially for young people. Leisure was so popular that the tickets barely reached. Here they made acquaintances, found friends by interests. It was in the cinema that I met my future husband – he, like me, loved fiction. When the cinema opens, I’ll definitely go. True, I’m a little afraid of the format of 3D – too, they say, the picture is realistic. But if I don’t get scared, as before I’ll be the most frequent spectator (laughs)!

Ivan Mihalenya:

– I think the opening of the cinema is one of the most anticipated events of this summer. Especially for young people. And this is an additional plus to the infrastructure of the town – it will be a lot to go with friends in the evening. I look forward to the first hits! The poster of the Prime Minister with the indication of the time of the sessions and the cost of the tickets will be available on the website of the center of culture and folk art (zcknt.zelva-kultura.by).

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