28 participants of the military events in Afghanistan live in Zelva district

February 15 marks 30 years since the last column of Soviet troops left the territory of Afghanistan. This memorable date is symbolically established in honor of the soldiers-internationalists who adequately fulfilled their military duty outside their native country. On this day, war veterans will gather together to shake hands with their comrades and bow down before the feat of those who did not return. Alexander Rudoy, ​​chairman of the regional organization of the Belarusian Union of Veterans of the War in Afghanistan, told how Zelvenshchyna will celebrate the anniversary date.

Photo from the archive of the newspaper “Pratsa”, 2018

– Now in our area there are 30 soldiers-internationalists: 28 participants in the military events in Afghanistan and 2 participants in the armed conflict in Egypt.

During one of the military operations, Lieutenant Mikhail Babilo was missing, who was declared dead in the line of duty by the decision of the Zelva District Court. For three decades, the district delegation, which also includes former Afghans, visits the house where Misha grew up and was raised, meets his mother, Alexandra Andreyevna. And this February is no exception.

Sergeant Vladimir Lyakh did not return from the war either. He died in battle, saving his wounded comrade. The name countryman assigned Mizherichskomu kindergarten-basic school. We will gather at the educational institution to honor the hero’s memory, then we will visit the grave and lay flowers at the monument. This year, students are preparing an hour of memory and several expositions, one of which is dedicated to graduates of the school who have gone through the roads of Afghanistan.

We consider it our long minute of silence to honor all those who died during the Afghan campaign. To this end, on February 15 we traditionally gather at the memorial sign erected at the foot of the mass grave of Soviet soldiers and partisans.

We, the soldiers of the Afghan war, had to endure a lot, to endure a lot. But we are alive, we work, we have families, raised our children, waited for our grandchildren. At the district event, which will be held on February 15, there will be a double reason for joy. First, we will share the news for the last year, and secondly, we will be awaited with the anniversary medal “30 years of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.” Many zelventsy have combat rewards. For example, Alexander Zhuk and Vladimir Prokopovich were awarded the Order of the Red Star, Nikolai Yakuta – with medals “For Courage” and “For Military Merit”, Sergey Shopik, Boris Churilo, Igor Krukovsky, Vladimir Leuta, Victor Makarevich and I, your respondent, with a medal “For military merit.”

Alexander Alexandrovich, members of the district organization take part in the patriotic education of young people. What activities of this plan are scheduled within the anniversary date?

– The main goal of our meetings with schoolchildren, quizzes, and museum expositions is really to educate the younger generation of a sense of patriotism, love of country, respect for the heroes of military events. Nothing can impress so much, so convince to value peace and freedom, to love their small homeland, as the stories of eyewitnesses of military conflicts. Therefore, we always respond to suggestions from schools and cultural institutions. For example, Alexander Zhuk will take part in a round table, which will be organized in school №3, then with the guys will visit the exhibition “Heroes of Afghanistan”. Alexander Zhabanos and Oleg Tarasik will meet with Derechinsky schoolchildren, Mikhail Zakharko and Igor Krukovsky will talk about the Afghan way to Teglevich students.

I think an online quiz organized by the center of creativity of children and youth, as well as the commemoration event “Afghanistan … days gone into eternity” scheduled in the district library will be useful for high school students. It will be interesting to us to get acquainted with the drawings of the children called “Afghanistan through the eyes of children”.

Of course, each of us who went through the Afghan war will be happy to receive congratulations from the teams in which he worked and works, from public organizations. The memory of the international duty fulfilled by our countrymen will live as long as we remember every hero of that war.

Ludmila POPKO

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