The kitchen in the format of showroom and plein air icon painters can visit

Two Belarusian-Polish initiatives (Zelva, Knyszyn, Suprasl) were immediately supported in the framework of the second call for proposals for the cross-border cooperation program “Poland-Ukraine-Belarus” for 2014-2020. As a result, in the near future, unique chants of the 18th century will be played in the Synkovichi fortress church, and a kitchen in the showroom format will appear in Zelva.

Authentic kitchen in a modern way

Three years ago, a Polish delegation as part of the leadership of the communes of Knyszyn and Dobzhinevo Douzhe visited Zelives with an introductory visit. Then representatives of both sides discussed possible projects that may be useful to the regions. There was a lot in common. Required a platform for the implementation of initiatives, which was the call for proposals, announced in 2018. He was dedicated to micro-projects, consisting mainly of non-investment measures in the field of cultural and historical heritage, environmental protection.

Zelva and Knyshyn developed a joint project aimed at studying
the culinary heritage of the regions. The initiative involves the organization of culinary expeditions, through which information will be collected about the features of the national ritual cuisine. The materials will be the basis of the recipe book “Traditional ceremonial cuisine of the Zelva and Knyshinsky regions”, which will be published in three languages ​​- Belarusian, Polish and English.

By the way, some dishes of the villagers and residents of the Knyszyn gmina will be able to cook personally. Special kitchens in the showroom format will appear in two regions. Visitors will not only be able to observe the skill of the chef, but also take part in the preparation of ceremonial cuisine. According to preliminary data in Zelva, such a kitchen will be equipped in one of the premises of the junior sports school.

The project participants will also collect information on the traditional national holidays of the two regions. Four joint webinars are planned to discuss the traditions of pagan, Christian, family and natural holidays. And at the end of the project a thematic calendar for five years will be published with a description of the ritual holidays.

The final point of the project will be the gastronomic festival of taste in Knyszyn.

Faith unites

This celebration of culture and spirituality is organized on the basis of the Synkovichi fortress church as part of the project “Common History – the Same Future. Supraльl – Synkovichi. This is the second initiative presented in the framework of the second call for proposals of the cross-border cooperation program “Poland-Ukraine-Belarus” for 2014-2020.

Synkovichskaya fortress church.

The name of the initiative was not chosen by chance. Between the two cities (Zelva and Supraльl), indeed, a lot in common. Many tourists even note similarities in infrastructure, measured pace of life of the population. And the most important similarity is defensive type temples of the same type.

Synkovichskaya church-fortress and the Cathedral of the Annunciation, as twin brothers. These are unique defensive structures of the XV-XVI centuries. True, the Cathedral of the Annunciation, in contrast to the Synkovichskaya church, is a restored object. During World War II, the cathedral was completely destroyed.

 In the opinion of the coordinators of the initiative, the cross-border project will make it possible to draw additional attention to the Synkovichi fortress church and the Annunciation Cathedral, to make cultural heritage monuments in the border areas accessible to even more people.

Annunciation Cathedral (Supraльl).

Now tourists will be attracted not only by the centuries-old history of the buildings, their majesty, but also by unique chants, the texts of which were found in Suprasl. The find dates back to 1740 year. As part of the project, texts will be reissued and recorded on audio media. And the choirs of the Synkovichi Church and the Annunciation Cathedral will perform works during study tours.

In addition to sharing the experience of choral singing, open-air carvers and icon painters are also scheduled. They will be held on the territory of both churches.

Anastasia DUNETS

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